Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Pinky Ruth #87

I would like to think I was mature enough to not hold a grudge. I would like to be a forgive-and-move-on kind of feline. But as last weekend approached, I found myself wondering if Maddie was going to abandon me for the 3rd weekend in a row.

While it's true, I was not abandoned this past weekend, I did spend an awful lot of time by myself on Sunday. I believe Maddie must have been feeling guilty about the small amount of time they have spent with me recently.
Because Maddie has bought me a gift.
Maddie has bought me a $4 cardboard log cabin with skylights. And I love it. I have never identified as a free-spirited, country-living, lady maverick. I have always enjoyed my life as a proper 5th-floor city gal, judging the chaos on the street below. I have, however, found my new cabin to be a place of peace and contentment. My new cabin allows me to escape from the stress of city life. Cabin naps are my new favorite thing.
If you had asked me last weekend, I would have told you that my recent weekend abandonments were going to cost Maddie quite a lot of time and money and cuddles and treats. I would have been wrong. It turns out a $4 cardboard log cabin is the going rate for my happiness, peace, and contentment.
Signed, Pinky Ruth, LCL (log cabin lady) #cabincutie #4dollarsismyprice

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