Saturday, May 27, 2023

Pinky Ruth #91

Day 3 of my holiday kidnapping: I continue to sulk in my closet fort as much as Lay-dee will allow me to. Five times today she has woken me up from a deep sleep with an annoying, chirpy greeting.

I do not want to play. I do not want to use my scratcher box. I do not want to sit in the front window. I do not want to be brushed. I do want the treats. But I want Lay-dee to drop the treats and leave immediately, with as little conversation as possible.
I did manage to briefly venture out of my room today. It took me 5 minutes of exploration to finally find some tasty plastic that was within my reach. I was about to take a bite when Lay-dee arrived. She put her hands on her hips and we had a staredown. Lay-dee called me a plastic crackhead.
I have now retreated to my closet fort where I have resumed my sulking. I may never come out again.

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