Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Pinky Ruth #69

Lay-dee's rascal hooligan boys came after me today.

I was in my room, staring at them out in the hallway They were in the hallway, staring back at me. The hooligan with the black fur rolled over on his back, showed me his belly,

and then stretched his body out as long as he could. And then, he just laid there-lookin' at me. The hooligan with the black and white fur was standing up, leaning forward with his head cocked to the side like he was listening. He had some googly eyes and they were locked on me. I don't think he moved for quite a few minutes. He didn't seem like a threat. He just seemed like a crazy fluffer while he stood there-lookin' at me.
Lay-dee said I was cute, sitting there like a big white loaf of bread. She said my front paws, curled under my belly, made me look like a super cute darlin'. Lay-dee said I was being so patient and understanding with the hooligans and she was so glad that we were starting to be friends. It was then I knew I needed to break this little Lay-dee lovefest up. I was pretty sure I did not want to be friends with the black hooligan. He came on too strong with his belly flashing. And I for sure knew that black and white hooligan was trouble in a charming, crazy bag of fur.
I started my low, guttural growl. I gave my warning. I made it clear I wouldn't stand for any of this hooligan staring at me nonsense. I kept my paws curled and stayed cute. Oh yeah, those rascal hooligans came after me today. But I, Pinky Ruth, am a strong independent lady and made them retreat. I, Pinky Ruth won that staring at each other from a respectable distance while supervised by Lay-dee battle.

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