Friday, September 2, 2022

Pinky Ruth #70

I spent my day hopping between all of the closet forts that Lay-dee has made for me. I was resting for quite some time in Lay-dee's big closet. She had laid out a soft bathroom rug on top of some big Rubbermaid containers. I slept, hidden by Big Daddy's shirts that hung down to cover me.

The black and white hooligan kept trying to escape upstairs. Lay-dee was sure he was trying to find me. She yelled at him enough that he finally gave up and went to sleep in his strawberry box. I took this as a cue to run back to my own room. But then, Lay-dee started talking to her friend on the phone. Lay-dee was very distracted. She was not a responsible Pinky Ruth sitter.
When Lay-dee found us, after quite a lot of time had passed, the hooligan was sitting 4 feet away from me. His paws were curled under and his head was cocked to the side. He had on his, "I'm an innocent good boy" face.
I was under the bed. My ample rear end was facing the intruding hooligan. Lay-dee gasped when she saw us. She called out my name. I turned my head and glanced, dismissively, at them both, and then I turned my head back. Lay-dee was surprised that I wasn't growling.
Lay-dee gushed, "Look at you two being such good friends!"
I said, in my head, in my most polite, curmudgeonly way, "I know he's here and I know he's sitting awfully close to me. For now, I have allowed him in my room. However, the only view he's gonna have is my one of my pretty, white, furry rear end."

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