Saturday, August 6, 2022

Pinky Ruth #65

I was kept behind a closed door while the workers made some very unpleasant noises in Lay-dee's house. After they left, I was finally allowed to explore. I was most disappointed to find out they had taken all of my plastic away. I sulked all night in the secret closet fort.

In the morning I stole some of the hooligan cats' food and peed in their litterbox to show them who was the queen. Lay-dee kept following me wherever I went, watching me constantly. Lay-dee thinks this makes her a good pet sitter. It just makes her quite annoying and very unlikeable. When Lay-dee finally went to the bathroom I was able to make my break for it.
I smelled some plastic downstairs that the workers had forgotten to take with them. It was a small piece, just barely stuck under a weight. I bit into it and pulled it out. When Lay-dee found me I was slobbering all over my delicious piece of heaven. I couldn't have been happier.
Lay-dee said, "You little stinker! I just left you for a second!"
I said, "That's right Lay-dee! You did NOT watch me constantly and that means I win!"
And then she took my plastic away.

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