Sunday, December 26, 2021

Pinky Ruth #23

When Maddie opened the bedroom door this morning I ran right to Big Daddy who was outside in the hallway. I let him give me some good pets. Then I ran around the upstairs, excited, because I thought I would get to go home today.

But here I am, still stuck at Lay-dee's house. I don't know when I get to go home. I am trapped by the snow. Everything is covered outside-even the road and cars.
I spent a long time downstairs being grumpy, looking out the front window at the snow that never stopped falling. I also looked out the upstairs, back window today. There were so many birds at Lay-dee's bird feeder. I couldn't even count them.
I finally went back to Maddie's room where I threw up on the carpet, in protest of my situation. I am now sulking under the bed and am not sure when I will come out.

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