Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Pinky Ruth #20

Yesterday I made a garbage man happy. Today a garbage man made me very unhappy. He woke me up when he came to pick up Lay-dee's garbage before it was even light outside. Aren't there noise laws to prevent this from happening?

Maddie left for an hour today but it seemed like at least a month. So I stood at the top of the stairs and howled for them to come back home to me.
One of Lay-dee's hooligan rascal cats walked past me on the way to his own litterbox. I hissed at him and let him know that was unacceptable behavior.
I decided it was safest for me to hide under Lay-dee's bed. I hunkered down between the wrapping paper box and the dining room table leaves. Just when I was thinking of coming out for a drink of water, the loud Nerf gun boy arrived home from college. And just like last time, he brought a Nerf gun with him. I am not a fan. They are loud and scary. Aren't there "don't upset the Pinky Ruth" laws to prevent this from happening?
I miss my city apartment. It was so much quieter there.

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