Monday, December 27, 2021

Pinky Ruth #24

I was Pinky when my first family abandoned me at the shelter. I was 6 years old. When Maddie began to love me, not long after, they added Ruth to my name. It was in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It was then, Pinky Ruth was born.

Last night I heard Maddie and Lay-dee watching a Ruth Bader Ginsberg documentary. I was inspired, and reminded of my obligation, to live up to my namesake. I am still trapped at Lay-dee's house because of the snow. But, I am no longer sulking under the bed. I have moved on to embracing my ability to judge-just like my namesake-Supreme Court justice, RBG.
I spent the morning judging the caterwauling noise and actions of the backyard birds. I'm not sure why those birds act so desperate and foolish when there is an entire, full feeder of food right before them. I personally would exhibit a bit more proper decorum, especially when out in public.
I also judged Big Daddy and his haphazard way of clearing the snow and ice from the car in the driveway. I would like to have told him what a more appropriate approach to snow removal would be. However, I was unwilling to leave my warm, inside window perch to notify him. Instead, I let him flounder, unguided, out in the cold.
Lastly, one of Lay-dee's hooligan cats tried to approach me today. I came down hard on him like an angry RBG dissent would. He is gone. I am now lounging in peace.

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