Saturday, April 15, 2023

Pinky Ruth #82

When Maddie's friend Karin arrived early today I was sulking under the blankets. I had, without my consent, spent another lonely night alone. Maddie always cuddles with me before bed and tells me how pretty I am and how smart I am and gives me my favorite behind-the-ear bedtime scratch. This has not happened for a few days, I was fully committed to staying under the blankets in protest of this unexpected and unwelcome abandonment. But then, I heard Karin put some food in my bowl.

So I came out to eat.
Karin tried to play with me. But, she threw the crinkle butterfly in the wrong place. I judged her for this, stared at her blankly, and refused to move. I could see that I hurt her feelings though. So when she swung the wand rope in front of my face I tried to grab it with my giant paw.

I sit here tonight, waiting by the door. Karin told me Maddie would be home tonight. I hear noises in the hallway. I hear people walking by the door. None of them stop outside my door. None of them put their key in the door knob. None of them are Maddie.
I have no food.
I refuse to drink out of the toilet.
My litter box is getting fragrant.
And I am as lonely as I have ever been.

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