Friday, April 14, 2023

Pinky Ruth #81

I was perched on my cat post in front of the window for the entire day. I was searching the streets below for Maddie. They didn't come out of the light rail station. They didn't get off of any of the buses. I never saw them walk up the street, look up to our window and wave to me.

I stayed on watch most of the day. I stayed awake most of the day. Yet, Maddie never came home to me. This was not our routine. I like to sleep all day. Maddie likes to come home to me.
I finally acknowledged my lamentable circumstances and jumped down from my 5th-floor perch. I was discouraged, tired, and alone. Karin found me flopped over in my scratcher box when she arrived to visit me. I felt comforted because Karin was there. Karin gave me pets, fed me, and tried to play with me.
But I was tired. I had been on watch all day. My Maddie was gone and I

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