Monday, March 28, 2022

Pinky Ruth #46

Maddie arrived after midnight. I greeted them with many meows and head nudges. Maddie picked me up and told me how much I was missed. And loved. And then...they left. Maddie went off to the bathroom and shut the door. Well, I threw a Pinky Ruth sized tantrum. I marched to the bathroom and meowed so loudly I woke up a sleeping Lay-dee. How dare Maddie get home, after being gone for MANY days, and then shut the door on me! I did, fairly quickly, forgive them and insisted on having some sleeping cuddles together.

When I saw Maddie bring out my carrying case this morning, I tried to make a run for it. As much as I wanted to go home, I am not fond of the car ride. Lay-dee was on to me and shut all the doors in the house so I had nowhere to run to. I glared at her.
The car ride was as unpleasant as usual. I was a bit in awe, and afraid, of the giant, very loud dump trucks that we were next to at a stoplight. And, I knew immediately when we were close to my home. I lifted my head and sniffed my 'hood. It comforted me.
This afternoon I climbed up to the top of my 5th-floor cat post that is in front of the big window. I surveyed the Seattle streets below. I made sure Maddie was close by, turned around a few times, and settled in for a long sleep. I was exhausted. I definitely need a vacation from Maddie's vacation.

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