Sunday, March 20, 2022

Pinky Ruth #38

Big Daddy slept with me last night. He told me he didn't want me to be lonely. Apparently, however, he did want me to leave my already warmed-up spot on the bed so he could get under the covers. I hissed at him and punched him with my giant paws because I didn't want to move. I did let him give me some belly rubs this morning though so he knows we are still friends.

I spent some time today in the window looking at the bird feeders in Lay-dee's backyard. My perch was right above the heat vent and the curtains were closed. The heat swirled up behind the curtains and made a nice warm tent for me to be content and chirp at all of the birds. I was also entertained by an awkward squirrel who was trying to steal the birds' food. I judged his every attempt, lording over him from my 2nd story window. I was warm and happy.
But then Lay-dee found me. She saw me looking at the birds and told me that Maddie was also looking at birds today. She said Maddie was very far away. Maddie could have watched birds with me right from Lay-dee's window! I don't know why they had to leave. I started to get sad again so I burrowed myself under the bed covers and went to sleep.

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