Sunday, November 27, 2022

Pinky Ruth #76

I am home from my holiday adventure at Lay-dee's house. I am disappointed to report that, although I did smell it, there was not one scrap of turkey offered to me.

I have started to greet Lay-dee by prancing up to her and meowing my happy, friendly meows every time she comes upstairs. Lay-dee then attacks me with hugs and scratches on the top of my head. She tells me she loves me and tells me how pretty I am. I am not sure I have decided to love Lay-dee back and I have definitely not decided if she is also pretty, but I do love that junk cat food she feeds those hooligans. It is much tastier than my healthy kidney diet food. I now know that if I treat Lay-dee real nice, she will sneak me a few pieces of that forbidden food when Maddie is not looking.
During my holiday adventure at Lay-dee's, I was called to supervise Maddie and that booming-voiced man-boy. They were playing a game about birds and I felt they needed an expert close by. I sometimes like to hide from the hooligans under the man-boy's bed-but he was in it every time I looked and the hooligans were not a threat. So, I stayed away.
Lay-dee drove Maddie and me back to the city today. The car was stopped at a light when a little girl in a giant tall car next to us looked down and saw me. She became very excited and told her family about me. Maddie raised my paw and waved to her. As she waved back, I could tell she was very happy--as she should have been.
Lay-dee had to stop the car for quite a long time. Maddie said there were other cars that had smashed into each other. I hate it when Lay-dee's car moves, so I didn't complain too much when it stopped. In fact, I couldn't stop staring at the blinking and flashing and twirling police car lights. Moving lights are my favorite. And now, police car lights are also my favorite.
I am home from my holiday adventure now. I have checked out the action from my 5th-floor perch and am now burrowed under Maddie's blankets, resigned to my upcoming dinner of kidney-friendly food.

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