Friday, May 27, 2022

Pinky Ruth #52

I believe I've been brazenly kidnapped.

I knew Lay-dee was coming for me. But I never dreamed she would drive away, with me in the car, and leave my Maddie standing alone on the curb.
I was so distraught that I amplified the volume and frequency of my usual car ride protest howls. Lay-dee told me this was my most impressive car protest performance ever. I am sure that this kidnapping is Lay-dee's least impressive performance ever.
I spent the afternoon at Lay-dee's house doing my best to manipulate her. I managed to convince her, with my meows and a cute tilt of my head, to open the
windows so I could sniff the outside smells. I easily guilted her into giving me a few more treats than I am normally allowed. And I refused to sleep until Lay-dee spread out the Bob the Builder blanket in one flat layer, so I could burrow underneath. (Lay-dee had the blanket folded....she does not have a good memory.)
Windows open, extra treats and my softy blanket spread out perfectly.
Who's in charge of this kidnapping now, Lay-dee?

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