Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Pinky Ruth #48

I was having a wonderful day. In the morning I perched on my new red bookcase. I judged the man below in the street who was not very good at loading some boards into his truck. I spent the afternoon chasing the sun spots on the floor. The warmth on my fur even caused me to have a case or two of the zoomies. My good mood changed, however, when I heard Lay-dee's voice. Maddie grabbed me and tried to get me to talk to Lay-dee on the video chat. Lay-dee put on her goofy happy face and even tried waving to me. She called me her "lovey". I responded by refusing to look her in the face. Every time Maddie would turn me around to look at Lay-dee, I'd turn my head back the other direction. Eventually, I squirmed free and am now hiding in the back of the closet which I hope is a Lay-dee free zone.

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