Friday, December 12, 2008

Deck the Halls

This is the extent of my Christmas decorating so far.

I’m a little behind.

My wreath will go up today. I promise. Really.

It has to. I’m the last one in the neighborhood to decorate. Most of my neighbors love to decorate and they are really good at it. They are always finding new and fabulous things to decorate their houses with during the holiday season. I love these lights that my neighbor and friend Lisa, the queen of holiday spirit, found this year.

And this Costco wreath on her door is gorgeous. What Santa wouldn’t want to come to this house?

My favorite holiday decoration that I have seen in…perhaps forever…is this Christmas pig. After all, when I think of Christmas, I always think of spirited pink pigs with red scarves. Don’t you?

I love it because it’s different.

So this weekend, I promise, I’ll put up a few decorations. We’ll get a tree. I’ll get out the Christmas dishes.

I have to.

The boy has threatened to run away from home and live with Lisa’s family up the street for the sole reason that they know how to celebrate. So because I wish to keep my children from running away, I will decorate. I promise.

And I might even get myself a Christmas pig.

Check This Out!

One of my favorite, favorite musical styles is a capella. One of my favorite groups who sing a capella is the Nylons. In high school I wore out cassette tapes of theirs listening to songs like this.

However, I now have a new favorite a cappella group called Straight No Chaser. LOVE THEM!! In 1996 this Indiana University men's a capella group wowed audiences at every performance. Most of the original group is back together and is still fabulous. Look for their recent holiday album, Holiday Spirits.

Check out this most amusing "vintage" performance of The 12 Days of Christmas. This clip has had 8.8 million views on You Tube and is responsible for launching the second life of this group. You will love it. Guaranteed.

My favorite clip of them however is the performance of their original theme song. You will love it. Guaranteed.


Holly said...

Ok... it's official. You're my long lost twin. Were you hiding in the trunk of my parent's car while we listened to the Nylons... and Manhattan Transfer??! Loves it! :)

What about Take 6? Ever heard David and Goliath??

Anonymous said...

That'll do pig, that'll do.

Anonymous said...

I want a PIG!!!! Where can I get one!

Anonymous said...

I hope that pig is tied down securely. That thing is so cute it's bound to get stolen. It will be like those garden nomes, or whatever they are, that go around the world and pictures get sent back home of the nome posing in different locales. I hope the pig likes to travel.....:D

Anonymous said...

This little piggy went to my yard!! I agree with pig lover....I'd lock that little guy down somehow.

Anonymous said...


~amy~ said...

Okay, now did you hear me LOL'ing? Sheesh, drive through my neighborhood and you'll have to wear your sunglasses at 7 pm because everyone has about a gazillion lights up...

~amy~ said...

..okay, I'm back...thought you might want to print out some of these: