Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Pinky Ruth #11

 Maddie Smith has sent an update from Pinky Ruth now that she's back home. Scroll down on my page to see all of Pinky Ruth's adventures. Mark Smith Maddie Smith

Dear Lay-dee,
Thank you for taking care of me (talking in a squeaky voice and feeding me treats and trying to get me to like you) when my mama abandoned me last week.
Yesterday my mama left to go chase a dumb bird. She didn't come home for HOURS and I was worried she left me again and I didn't even have you to put on my judgy face for. When Maddie came back I was sitting right on the edge of the couch facing the door and I meowed a lot to let her know my displeasure. Then I sat in my mama's suitcase so she couldn't leave again.
Tell my snake and Big Daddy that I miss them a little bit (and maybe I miss you too). I don't miss the loud nerf gun boy or those annoying elderly kitty men.
Pinky Ruth

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